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About Lindsey Page

the artist behind Resin Moon Designs

Artist and native of Southern Virginia, I draw inspiration from the scenic landscapes of my surroundings. With years of experience, I have developed a style that combines my passions for preservation and epoxy art. Using my artwork, I aim to capture nature's delicate beauty and create a whimsical escape from reality.


Using epoxy casting resin as my medium, I incorporate elements of nature and preserved specimens into my work. Each creation is a reflection of my love for the earth and my desire to bring a bit of magic into the world. With an eye-catching and playful aesthetic, my art is the embodiment of all things vibrant, fun, and free-spirited.



Throughout my artistic journey, I have drawn inspiration from the depths of my emotions, channeling the joy, sorrow, grief, and love that have shaped my existence. These raw and authentic experiences have been the catalysts for my creative expression, allowing me to create artwork that resonates with others and invites them to embark on a transformative and enchanting exploration of nature's beauty.

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